Impartiality and confidentiality

Impartiality in work and confidentiality of information

Ex-Agencija is a public non-profit agency established by the Government of Republic of Croatia to carry out the following activities:

  • certification of Ex-equipment and protective systems,
  • assessment of production quality systems,
  • technical supervision of plants, equipment, installations, apparatus and documentation in explosive atmospheres,
  • technical supervision of workshops for installation, maintenance and repair of Ex-equipment,
  • testing of Ex-equipment, protective systems and explosion protection measures for the purpose of implementing the above activities,
  • certification of quality systems,
  • certification of explosives for civil uses,
  • certification of pyrotechnic articles and
  • education (training) of personnel in the field of explosion protection.

The management’s statement

In all of the above-mentioned activities, Ex-Agencija acts as an impartial third party in the process of testing, certification and/or technical supervision. Ex-Agencija does not perform the jobs of the first and second parties that may undermine its impartiality in the above-listed services. Therefore some of the most important elements of Ex-Agency’s work are objectivity and impartiality, and maintaining privileged information and client confidence.

In order to insure these concepts, Ex-Agencija has made a quality system per standards:

  • HRN ISO 9001,
  • HRN EN ISO/IEC 17065 Guide 65 for certification services of Ex-equipment and protective systems, explosives for civil use, pyrotechnic articles and assessment of production quality,
  • HRN EN ISO/IEC 17020 for technical supervision of plant and workshops for installation, maintenance and repair of Ex-equipment,
  • HRN EN ISO/IEC 17021 for certification of quality systems and
  • HRN EN ISO/IEC 17025 for testing in the laboratory.

Ex-Agencija abides by defined criteria of impartiality in each situation, assignment and when forming teams that will carry out the services requested. Through the quality system and corresponding documentation all employees are familiar with the importance of impartiality and maintaining privileged information, and violation of these rules is considered to be a serious offence.

Ex-Agencija also safeguards privileged information from persons not employed by Ex-Agencija, but who are required to receive confidential information (e.g. agencies legally entitled to have access to this information, Croatian Accreditation Agency, Certification committee of Ex-Agencija and Ex-council of Ex-Agencija)

All documentation received from clients of Ex-Agencija, which are used as a basis to prepare Ex-Agencija’s final documents, is considered to be privileged information. Treatment of client documents is regulated by procedures detailed in the quality manual, as well as responsibility and authorization to access these documents